About Us

Building your dream home is no small affair for your custom home builder in Rogers & Phoenix. Your decision to work with Platinum Home Builders needs to be verified with real reasons to choose us. You don’t make this decision willy nilly. You determine a great custom home builder in Rogers & Phoenix by key, influential areas of business that makes Platinum Home Builders stand out. Only God knows how many people walk away with sour interactions with contractors who do not show up consistently for appointments, do not return calls or just do flat out terrible work. Here, we describe all the areas that Platinum Home Builders can validate themselves as a premier choice for a custom home builder in Rogers & Phoenix.

Four Factors That Make Us Great


First and foremost, our team must have crystal, clear communication. It’s vitally important that the moment you reach us for the first meetings and plans of your home, you understand how our process works. We hear and see stories all the time about future custom homeowners who hire a custom home builder in Rogers & Phoenix to construct their home. The client often needed to call a few of these contractors to find one that answers the phone. For scheduling appointments, contractors give out windows of time that make the client inconveniently plan their lives to accommodate. It’s even worse when the custom home builder in Rogers & Phoenix doesn’t even show up for the scheduled time.

Often times, the contractor does give you a good first impression. You like him so then you want their team to create plans and layouts for the custom home. The only problem is the turnaround time is not quick. In fact, it could be a month down the road and you need to call the custom home builder in Rogers & Phoenix to follow-up on the process with your home! There is no way at all that you should be following up with your custom home builder in Rogers & Phoenix. This needs to be the responsibility of the person you hired to do for you.

With Platinum Home Builders, we give you the guarantee that during the beginning stages and throughout the construction process, you will on a weekly basis, receive updates on what we’re doing. It’s often a fact that our team will set the pace of your project instead of you setting it for us. These weekly calls will not only consist of what our team is currently doing, but we will inform and educate you on the next steps. We find that clients who are educated with our processes enjoy working with us more. They are more understanding for how we go about our business and it also gives them ample opportunity to throw changes and curveballs into the building process.

We are happy to answer any questions and have you visit the job site in order to check for yourself the progress our team makes. It’s in our best interest to ensure that you are fully and consistently aware of the activities that your custom home builder in Rogers & Phoenix was hired for.


Things change during the process. This is obvious! There’s no way in the world that someone who creates an initial plan for their custom home will stick to it. Based on changing budgets, new inspirations and 2nd opinions, you likely adapt aspects of the home to better suit your needs. At Platinum Home Builders, we absolutely want to solidify your confidence in our processes. Since we obviously know that you will change your mind, we have created a change-order process that’s very easy to implement. Many times, we’re even flexible to not include any charge to the change-order!

That’s right. If you want to change something small or something that wouldn’t take too much arduous time, we will happily make the adjustment for free! Even if it’s something we have already built, it’s our way of overdelivering on your custom home. We would love it if you knew us as the custom home builder in Rogers & Phoenix team who consistently brought more value than you anticipated to the job.

Direct With Expert Advice

You need to work with a custom home builder in Rogers & Phoenix that’s experienced right? Someone who can effectively take the ideas in your head and turn them into fantastic works of art and structure for your home? Then working with Platinum Home Builders will suit you very well. You certainly don’t want to work with a contractor who’s new to the home building world. If anything, it would really make you nervous to work with a guy who second-guessed himself all the time during the process.

Furthermore, you also need a company who’s willing to give you the best practice recommendations. It’s important to have someone who implements the dreams of your future home, but working with an experienced custom home builder in Rogers & Phoenix who gives you active feedback creates a world of difference. To have the confidence from a home builder to warn you about certain styles and how they collide? You will be thanking them for keeping you from costly change-orders and mistakes.

On-Time & On-Budget Guarantees

Now here’s one of the best parts! On your project, you can work with Platinum Home Builders and know that we offer people guarantees for timeliness and on-budget work. Think how remarkable that is! You can work with a team of contractors who you know will show up on time, all the time. As many of your friends and family members will tell you, this can be difficult to come by. That’s why if they found a contractor they like, they will continue to work with them for several years to come on all sorts of projects.

We want you to have the same luxury and capabilities with Platinum Home Builders. With all the areas of benefits and expertise with our business, it’s no surprise that people regard us as a top-tier custom home builder in Rogers & Phoenix to work with! So to get started, all it takes is the easiest call in the world to Rich Egly at (480) 363-3969.