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Custom Homes in Phoenix & Rogers

Are you excited about building your dream home with a trusted custom home builder in Rogers & Phoenix? Taking that step towards constructing a great, luxurious home is one of the best lifetime achievements you can attain. The chance to create a place that includes all of your creative inspirations and fantasties is something very few people get to have. Luckily for you, it’s exactly what Platinum Home Builders loves to do.

You could also be a future custom homeowner that really doesn’t know where to start with your designs. You have looked at various places online and around the city for inspiration, but you would really love some expert insights. At Platinum Home Builders, we are all about ensuring your home looks exactly the way you want with only a few headaches. We’ve not in the business to create an end product that’s simply a cookie-cutter approach. Richard Egly and the whole team at Platinum Home Builders live to give you a totally custom and one-of-a-kind home for your tastes. With many years of experience in Phoenix and now with our recent 2nd location opening up as a trusted custom home builder in Rogers, MN, it brings us pure joy to give you a renowned experience.

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Here’s How the Process Works:

Picture the Perfect Place:

First Half: With Platinum Home Builders, we start with the most important part of this whole process, you liking us. If you don’t like the company you decide to work with, then the custom home builder in Rogers or Phoenix that will be a nightmare from the very start. That’s why you work with our lead team members to foster a relationship. They ask you questions not only about what your ideas are for the home, but what your favorite activities are. Plus, you always have full liberty to ask us anything about our processes, what the timeline will be and how our previous homes line up and compare to your new property. We’re an open book!
We completely understand that building your home is a daunting process. Financially, it’s a lot of money to pour into a dream project. Then when you read stories and hear about disastrous outcomes from poor custom homebuilding, you get nervous. This is why our big goal in this introduction process is to gain your trust. We set up a fully-laid out plan for the home and give immensely clear expectations about your ideas.

Second Half: This is why after learning about what you want for your dream home, we create a budget. It’s not uncommon for future homeowners to think really big about their plans. That’s why with our budgeting process, we provide many alternative options to ensure that the budget you have in mind can be accomplished. Along with these alternative options, we also give clear expectations on fluctuating prices. The process of building your custom home takes more than a couple months, so it’s wise for us to let you know about how prices can change and fluctuate from month to month on materials.

This is why it’s so important that we offer upfront, honest pricing on our work. We see too many custom home builders in Rogers & Phoenix, give expectations that radically change over the construction process. Because of these radical changes, it leaves the client making sacrifices they never wanted or ever expected! It’s one of our key points to make sure you get the end result you asked for, and then over-deliver!

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Design the Dream Space:

After all this talk about costs and what you describe as your dream home, it’s time to bring it to visual ideas! Platinum Home Builders will work with you to pick and choose the specific elements for your home before hammering any nails.

Our Interior Designer will team up with you to get the essential pieces together for your entire home. All of the select mortar, appliances, doors, flooring, cabinets, brick, paint colors and every square inch of your place will be itemized. While you find some selected preferences based on our previous conversations, you are certainly able to choose from an unlimited selection of resources. It’s your dream home! What’s keeping you from building it the way you want?

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Building Together:

Now that you can clearly see your future home and have determined as much specifics as possible, it’s time to make it a reality! As the expert custom home builder in Rogers and Phoenix, we’ve been down this road before. Throughout our building process, it’s our obligation to never let you feel unfamiliar with what’s going on with your home. Richard makes sure to contact you weekly about the progress of your home. It’s immensely important to ensure that through the entire building process, you understand where we’re headed. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to make major and minor changes throughout the process.

Change orders are a standard part of the process. There’s only so much that a sketched design, raw materials and even a 3D design will do for your future siesta. If you feel the need to make changes, feel free to let us know! Your wish is our command and if the changes are small enough, we likely won’t even charge you for it!

We’ll Always Be Here:

What we see often in the contracting world are construction guys who do the job and are never to be found again. This doesn’t help the client at all, especially when an electrician comes out to fix some switches years down the road. If your custom home builder in Rogers & Phoenix can’t be available to you, then it puts you at a disadvantage. Years down the road, you may want to create some additions with your property or add elements.

It’s a core value for Platinum Home Builders to continue a valued relationship with each client years down the road. We obviously won’t bombard you with emails or calls every week. All we’re looking to do is become a reliable source to call on for help whenever you face questions with your home. To get this whole process started, all it takes is a simple call to Richard Egly at (480) 363-3969.

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