You could already be living in an immaculate home, but you’d like to make some adjustments. Your home used to be the hottest thing on your block, but other neighbors moved onto the street and designed even cooler spots. To keep up with the Jones or just improve the space you live in, you want to do a renovation or remodel to your home. With Platinum Home Builders, we would be delighted to help you build your space the way you want it! It’s what makes us a great custom home builder in Rogers & Phoenix and it’s what will convince you that we’ll be a great renovation expert as well.

No matter the scope of the project, our team is very capable and ready to handle it. From your typical bathroom remodel to kitchen expansion or whole home makeovers, we will work tirelessly to get you the results you want for your abode. We detail below some of the most common requests, but if you want verified, reliable service from a custom home builder in Rogers & Phoenix, we are your team!

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Room Additions:

Expanding a section in your home can make a world of difference to your life. Is your pantry just a little too cramped? How about a 3rd bedroom for the big, unexpected family you are about to have? Or how about living space to accomodate for the big family when they come over for holidays like Thanksgiving? Are you the life of the party and need more room to host bigger parties?

You can simply hire Platinum Home Builders to create the space you need to enhance your life. The same expert styling and touch that they give as a custom home builder in Rogers & Phoenix can work for your room addition as well. To add an additional space into your home, simply give us a call today at (480) 363-3969!

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In your home, have you been settling with your current bathroom? At the beginning of your career, we understand that the family needs to make plenty of trade offs. You don’t see many couples in their 20’s with sprawling mansions right? You take the affordable apartment in the beginning to save more money. You might even live in the city so that you can stay in close proximity with the nightlife and downtown skyline.

Fast forward a couple decades and you are now ready to invest the massive savings into a place you will love for the rest of your life. After months of searching, you find that awesome, dream home with the dream location! There’s just one blemish though…it’s the bathroom. It’s just too small and for whatever reason, it doesn’t match the style you enjoy in the rest of the perfect palace. In order to make it just as immaculate as the rest of your property, you can work with Platinum Home Builders to take care of it. We’ve dealt with installing luxurious and spacious bathrooms for quite some time. Why not work with a custom home builder in Rogers & Phoenix for your bathroom renovation? It’s definitely better than working with an unreliable, typical contractor.

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The same conversation works with your kitchen! By working with a custom home builder in Rogers & Phoenix to renovate your kitchen space, you get the expert touch you deserve. Kitchens are often the most loving, heart-warming environments in the home. Why? Because food is prepared there. With all the aromas, scents and tastes experienced in the kitchen, it can truly be a magical place (with the right cook that is). Even if you aren’t the best cook, you will have more opportunity to thrive and expand your knowledge with a kitchen space you enjoy.

That’s why when you work with Platinum Home Builders, they bring in their experience and knowledge of luxurious spaces to your renovation. When you see the gallery photos of the homes we’ve been able to create, you will understand that we aren’t kidding. Work with us today to get a custom home builder in Rogers & Phoenix to bring you the kitchen renovation that’ll make you smile.

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Outdoor Living:

To many families, the backyard is the best time for bonding. Kids can play catch or wrestle themselves into a mess. Parents can lounge and unwind with the beautiful weather on their lawn chairs. Whole families can gather together for holidays or weekly get-togethers. The outdoor living space can matter just as much as the indoors. Especially in today’s world with our faces looking at screens almost all day, we need a break from technology!

That’s why working Platinum Home Builders is a great decision. As a trusted custom home builder in Rogers & Phoenix, they are truly able to bring you excellence, even to a project like the outdoor living section of your home. If your backyard has been average for the majority of your home life, why continue to settle? Give us a call today and we’ll truly be honored to bring you an outdoor renovation that looks just like the HGTV shows you love.

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